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Thoughts from parents


"The girls have enjoyed both of your performances very much and we greatly appreciate your efforts to bring family friendly dramatic performance to North Andover. Yeah - finally something in our backyard! All 3 of my girls at dinner tonight told me that that play was their favorite thing that they did all weekend - and keep in mind that we got and decorated an Xmas tree, made chocolate chip cookies, and played at the park - and you still beat the competition hands down."

K. Brenneman


"My boys loved The Ugly Duckling yesterday!  They loved the opportunities to interact with the performers and get a chance to share their talents as well. Everyone was so inclusive and welcoming. I heard my son saying yesterday that he was a "cool cat that can scat!"   

L. Villaroel


"This theatre performance was great fun for both myself and my daughter. We especially like the storybook-like setting and also the fact that you didn't have to sit still and be quiet - in fact the children are invited to get involved in the play. We will definitely be coming to your future performances!"

S. May


"Thank you, for all you do! I really appreciate the opportunity to introduce my kids to live theater in an age-appropriate way. And I love that they can experience storytelling without technology, commercials, or potty humor. (Sorry, SpongeBob!)"
A. Mici

If you are interested in bringing The Fairy Tale Players

(a non-profit organization!) to your school or group, please contact us at for pricing and availability.

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